A Day in the Life of … the Bartholatus horses!

Together they have won tons of medals and sashes, are some of the most renowned show horses in Europa – but each of them has their own personality and quirks. The Bartholatus sisters have given us an insight on the lives of their horses: A Krymsun Career aka Danny, Wonder Fritz aka Fritz, Rev Up The Romance aka Revi, Moments of Glory aka Glory, Marlanas Promotor aka MP, Cocky Tabuluga aka Cocky and Loping N The Shadows aka Brownie.



A few weeks ago, Oded Locker from Israel has posted a video of himself and his horse performing trail manoeuvres – while the horse was not wearing a bridle. Using the hashtag #handsfreelopeoverchallenge Oded challenged other riders to perform the same task. Since then people have copied and modified the challenge and some of them have sent in their videos.

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