Getting Fit for the Season

It’s something we all have said to non-equestrians: Riding is a sport! Yes, it is and that also means that being fit and throwing in a work-out from time to time is essential in order to be able to control your body when riding. However, many equestrians are not sure what kind of exercises can be helpful in order to improve their body position. Laura Pfeifer and Jacqueline Korioth are both award-winning equestrians and physiotherapists and know just the right workout for anyone who wants to get fit for this season. Thank you for the great tips, girls!


Introducing Designers: AK Showclothing

Meet four young ladies from Denmark who decided to turn their passion into a business and find out what part The Showlife played in their story. Freja Olsen, Siri Marie Rasmussen, Freja Balslev Segelund and Michele Schønwald told us about the way they work together, their style and what the future might hold.

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