Trainers Around The World Part I: Israel


Vacation destination, a location steeped in history and – unfortunately – one that appears in the news from time to time – that is how many Europeans know Israel. It is a small country but compared to other Asian countries, it is one of the most involved in the AQHA allround industry. Oded Locker is one of the few allround trainers from Israel and gave us some insight on his work.


Stella Goes Dressage


Many allround riders in Europe have started their riding career by riding dressage or jumping horses or ponies and only after a while transferred to the Western events. With Stella Peter, however, the opposite is the case: She is known as a great all-round rider and being a multiple European Champion, Reserve German Champion, Bavarian Champion … well, we could go on and on. Recently, however, her Instagram account is flooded with horse pictures – but it is not her trusted gelding Cats Hot Image we see, but a dark mare that does not really appear to be a Quarter Horse.


Giving Your Horse Away To a Another Rider?

Liv and Flower - bronze medalist Youth Halter Mares

One does not simply give away their horse – every equestrian knows that. If anyone still does that, he or she is taking a high risk and their generosity should be valued. While it is more common at smaller shows or APHA shows in Europe to have your horse shown by another Novice Amateur or Youth kid, the people who are able to do this at the big AQHA shows are few. Livgreet Dietrich is one of the fortunate ones: She has shown SH Zipssweetpassion owned by the Georgi family this season.

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