A Day in the Life of … the Bartholatus horses!

Together they have won tons of medals and sashes, are some of the most renowned show horses in Europa – but each of them has their own personality and quirks. The Bartholatus sisters have given us an insight on the lives of their horses: A Krymsun Career aka Danny, Wonder Fritz aka Fritz, Rev Up The Romance aka Revi, Moments of Glory aka Glory, Marlanas Promotor aka MP, Cocky Tabuluga aka Cocky and Loping N The Shadows aka Brownie.


Addicted to Arabians

She is a Swiss Champion, multiple Swiss Highpoint winner and was Top 5 at the German Open, beat many Quarter Horses in her classes – and showed an Arabian. Melanie Karrer has conquered the Swiss Western riding industry with her two Arabian mares, Sha Mara and Mehira. We have talked to her about her career, prejudices towards Arabian horses and receiving stupid comments, because you are not showing a Quarter or Paint Horse.

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