Fun Classes, an NSBA Show and a Great Community: The European Championship of Appaloosa

Bareback Horsemanship or Hunter in Hand – never heard of that? Well, now you might get a chance to try out these new classes: They are offered at the European Championship of Appaloosa – and not only as ApHC classes but NSBA classes as well. Furthermore, the show offers all the „traditional classes“, a great facility and amazing prizes. We talked to Marie Bentley of the European Appaloosa Foundation to find out more about this show that’s not only interesting for ApHC riders. Make sure to also check out the statements of longtime ApHC exhibitors on why they look forward to this show each year.

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Knowledge is Success

To ride means to feel. A lot of aspects in this sport are connected with moving, using your body to give cues, building up strength and the right timing. However, there is a theoretical approach to riding and showing horses that is often neglected.

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Shine in the Show Pen: Clothing Trends for 22/23

Trends come and go – and that is especially true for the Western horse show industry, way more than for most other areas of riding. We took the time to figure out what current and upcoming trends are and asked three experts: Darilyn Turnbull Prevedel of Piccola Rosa, Mel Loebel of Ekedie Showclothing and Freja Olsen of AK Showclothing.

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ECQH 2022

All pictures were taken by Caro Behnke for The Showlife. If you post them, please mention and tag us and Caro in the caption. If you’d like to use a picture for commercial reasons, please send an e-mail to

Alle Fotos wurden von Caro Behnke für The Showlife gemacht. Wenn ihr die Fotos postet, schreibt bitte „Caro Behnke for The Showlife“ in die Bildunterschrift und verlinkt TSL. Kommerzielle Nutzung nur auf Anfrage.

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Neue Podcastfolge: Zwischenbilanz zur Turniersaison

Wir ziehen Zwischenbilanz: Knapp drei Monate nach der ersten Folge zum Thema „Unsere Turniersaison“ erzählen Sophie Schonauer und ich, wie die ersten Turniere mit unseren eher unerfahrenen Pferden gelaufen sind. Wir sprechen darüber, was für uns Spaß auf dem Turnier bedeutet, wie man mit Kommentaren von außen umgeht und wann der richtige Punkt ist, um mit etwas aufzuhören. Außerdem sprechen wir darüber, wie unsere anfänglichen Pläne für diese Saison sich schon jetzt verändert haben.

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New Podcast Episode feat. Freja Olsen

Successful APHA competitor, breeder, stallion owner, vet, co-founder of AK Showclothing – Freja Olsen is a multiple European Champion and a busy young woman. The Danish equestrian joined us for a podcast episode and gave an insight into her life. We discussed the challenges of being a stallion owner, creating show clothing and why you can never have enough horses.

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