Team Sweden

Team Sweden APHA

From left: Victor Kvarnström, Titti Dahl and Matilda Källström

Team Denmark


Anne Sjønov Bork – Hunt Seat Equitation
Camilla Fricke – Ranch Riding
Freja Balslev Segelund – Trail
Michele Schønwald – Showmanship
Siri Rasmussen – Horsemanship
Dora Göcze – Coach
Helle Fogil – Horse Show Mom and Team Helper

Team Germany

Trail: Leonie Schnell


Our contestant for Trail is Leonie Schnell. She is 16 years old and lives with her family and three horses in the South of Germany. She is a high school student. Her favourite events are Trail, Showmanship and Ranch Riding. She has won the German Championships several times.

Ranch Riding: Anna Middelberg

Anna Middelberg is our Ranchriding contestant. Anna has won several European and German Champion titles in several events. She is 19 years old and will go to university from August on. Anna also likes volleyball and rope skipping. Her favourite events are Ranchriding and Horsemanship.

Showmanship: Maike Krause


Maike Krause is our Showmanship girl. She already competed at the Youth World Games in 2016. She is 19 years old which makes this year’s Youth World Games her last ones. Maike also likes dancing and cycling. At the moment she doing an internship, joining a famous trainer in Germany.

Horsemanship: Carolin Rauch

picture: HardbordDesign
picture: HarbordDesign

The German Horsemanship contestant is Carolin Rauch. She lives in the middle of Germany on a small farm with her family and horses. Although horses are her life, Carolin likes to go dancing and spending time with her friends. She is 19 years old and her favourite events are Horsemanship and Western Pleasure.

Hunt Seat Equitation: Lea Burret

picture: K3 Foto/ Kirsten Dittrich
picture: K3 Foto/ Kirstin Dittrich

Lea Burret is our Hunt Seat Equitation rider. She is 18 years old and if you want to describe her…. well riding, riding, riding. She has won multiple German and European Champion titles. She loves Hunt Seat Equitation, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure. At the moment, she is graduating highschool. Lea also likes to go snowboarding in winter.

Coach: Susanne Hähnen


I am  Susanne Hähnen, the team coach of Germany. It is an honor to support Team Germany. Our riders have trained very hard and the team spirit within the German team is just amazing. We can‘t wait to compete against the other teams and hopefully find new friends from all over the world.

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