AQHA YOUTH WORLD CUP: The European Teams

Team Austria

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer
picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

Vanessa Winkler

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer
picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

“I am very blessed and happy to be able to participate to the YWC for the second time and to meet some old friends again. It will be a great time, especially considering the many trainers, clinics and teams”

Date of birth: 04.07.1999
International shows: Kreuth/Rieden AQHA European Championships
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, WR, Pleasure, HuS, Showmanship, Reining
Place of residence: Krumau am Kamp, Lower Austria

Carina Machacek

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

„I am so happy to go to the YWC, it will be such a great experience that we may ride other horses and try new disciplines!”

Date of birth: 09.09.2002
International shows: EAC Poland 2017
Shown disciplines: Trail. HMS, Pleasure, HUS, SaH, Reining
Place of residence: Markt Piesting, Niederösterreich, Austria Lower Austria

Tobias Auer

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

„I am looking forward to be at the YWC, because we will meet new people, collect new experiences and especially because are blessed to train with the best trainers”

Date of birth: 04.06.2002
International shows: EAC Poland 2017, CRI Kreuth 2017
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, WR, Pleasure, Reining
Place of residence: Eschenau. Lower Austria

Katharina Entner

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

„I am excited to go to the YWC, because to me it is a unique chance to meet so many trainers, horses and like-minded riders from the entire world”

Date of birth: 14.05.1999
International shows: CRI Kreuth 2017, Kreuth 2016
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, WR, Pleasure, Ranch Riding, Reining
Place of residence: Pertisau am Achensee, Tyrol

Bernadette Grubauer

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

„I am very glad to make new experiences at the YWC and to meet people from other countries who share the same hobby”

Date of birth: 06.07.2001
International shows: Kreuth Bavarian Summer Show 2015 and 2017
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, Pleasure, HUS, SaH
Place of residence:  Hart bei Graz Styria

Enya Oberleitner

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

„I am excited to collect new experiences and new skills, to meet new people and to see what we can reach as a team”

Date of Birth: 30.12.2001
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, WR, Pleasure, Ranch riding, SaH,
Place of residence: Vienna
Reserve Rider

Lena Rothmanner

picture: Frozen Dreams Photography/ Anna Lena Wöhrer

Date of Birth: 14.01.2005
International shows: EAC Poland 2017
Shown disciplines: Trail, HMS, Pleasure, SaH, Reining
Place of residence:
Lichtenwörth, Lower Austria
Reserve Rider

Team Coach and Managers:
Manuela Kirsteuer: FENA Judge, Western riding instructor
Anita Machacek and Astrid Rothmanner: AQHA Austria Youth Representatives

Team Austria would like to thank their sponsors: Cathrin Gutmann who sponsored the Team Austria casual clothing, Julia Gaupmann who designed and sponsored the show clothing, Denise Kummer who sponsored the embroidery, Anna Lena Wöhrer who took and sponsored the pictures and Silvia Gerihäuser who sponsored the amount of what her three champion buckles were worth in money.

 Team Denmark

Alberte Mathisen

Youth Clinic 210418 0305
John Jensen/

Driving by a western show four years ago resulted in the purchase of a Quarter gelding named Hot Chex N Cash. Alberte has competed across Denmark and Europe and has had a lot of success.

Celena Boeck

Youth Clinic 210418 0307
John Jensen/

Celena has been involved with horses for over five years. Her favorite AQHA event is the Danish Championships because Celena has achieved great results at that show.

Emilie Bendix Christensen

Youth Clinic 210418 0309
John Jensen/

Growing up on a horse ranch, Emilie has been around Quarter Horses all of her life. Her favorite events are Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Trail. This will be her final YWC.

Amalie Tange Veien

Youth Clinic 210418 0314
John Jensen/

Ponies were Amalie’s first love, competing in roping and speed events. When she outgrew her pony, Quarter Horses entered her life. Amalie’s favorite show is the Danish Championships. Having  no expectations, Amalie was able to bring home three gold medals.

Pernille Peterse

Youth Clinic 210418 0316
John Jensen/

After a visit to Canada, western riding has been a part of Pernille’s life. In 2015, she bought her first Quarter horse and began competing in cutting, trail and english events.

Team France

Julien Junet


Our first rider is Julien Junet. He is 16 and has been riding since he was four years old. He started with shetlands and trick riding. When he turned eight he discovered Western Equitation on ponies for fun. He learned about the American Quarter Horse at age 10 when his parents got their first horses. He has won seven  gold medals, both at small French shows and also some AQHA shows. He got into the French AQHYA team when he was 12 and already attended the European Team Cup and the YWC 2016 in Australia where he finished 5th in trail.

Emmanuelle Amilhac


Our second rider is Emmanuelle Amilhac. She is 17 and has been riding since she was three. She started doing Western events at age 10, mainly Reining and Barrels. She now competes in Cutting.

Justine Boissier


Our third rider is Justine Boissier. She is 17 years old. She started riding ponies when she was three on trail rides. When she was eight she discovered Western Equitation with her uncle who went on a road trip in the USA. She fell in love with it and so did she with the Quarter Horse. She kept riding at the King’s Valley throughout all those years. She became a Reining lover and started competing in that event. She now owns two Quarter Horses. She is really excited to fly to Texas for this YWC and wants to wish good luck to all competitors.

Léa Perthuis


The next rider is Léa Perthuis. She is 16 years old. She started riding dressage at age four. She started  doing the Western events after after falling from a horse and having to undergo surgery. She is riding with Adamo Walti.

Germain Bourcier


And last but not least, Germain Bourcier. He is 19 years old. He has been riding horses for 14 years now. He started by riding ponies because he was looking for an activity when he was around five years old and he loved animals. He later rode English for nine years and competed. But then his barn closed and he met Simon and Sabine Monceau who introduced him to the American Quarter Horse and Western events in 2013. His first shows with Quarter Horses were one year later. He got better with those horses, enough to participate in the European Team Cup in 2015 and 2017 and now he is flying to the YWC in Texas.

Team Norway

Aurora Kil Burstad


She is 14 years old and this is her second time competing at the YWC. She has competed in all allround classes as well as Cutting. Her favourite events are Trail, Cutting and Horsemanship.

Tomine Østebrød


She is 18 years old and this is her first and last time at the YWC. She has competed in Reining and Showmanship which is her favorite event.

Hanna Wensaas


She is 17 years old and this is her very first time at the YWC. She has mostly competed in the Reining but also some allround classes. Her favorite event is Reining.

Malin Wensaas


She is 16 years old and this is her very first time at the YWC. She is riding the all around classes and her favourite events are Horsemanship and Showmanship.

Sarah Guttormsen


She is 14 years old and this is her very first time at the YWC. She is competing in all allround classes, but her favorite is Showmanship.
All the girls are looking forward to YWC, to get the challenge of riding other horses and competing in events they rarely compete in at home. They are also looking forward to meeting the clinicians and the other teams. It will be an awsome experience!

Team Sweden

Selina Nilimaa Pettersson


Selina Nilimaa Pettersson, 16 years old. Lives in Vansbro, Dalarna. Her hobbies are to ride her horses and be at the barn (of course!). Aprt from that, she enjoy to dance and be out in the nature. She will compete in Reining, Ranch Riding, Hunt Seat Equitation and Horsemanship. Her greatest achievements were in 2017 when she competed at the European Youth Cup. She placed fifth in Equitation and sixth in Western Riding. In 2016, she competed at the NRHA European affiliate championship. Selina is looking forward to enjoying the time with her teammates, getting to learn lots of stuff and meet new people.


Anna Olsson


Anna Olsson, 17 years old, lives in Insjön, Dalarna. She studies media at school and spends most of her spare time at the barn. When she is not at the barn, she likes to play computer games and listen to music. She will compete in Cutting, Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation and Ranch Riding. In 2016, she competed at the APHA Youth World Games. In 2017, she competed at the AQHA European Youth Cup. She is looking forward to meeting all the competitors and to get to know the horses. It’s also her very first time visiting Texas so she’s very excited to catch sight of the country. Getting to do this with close and good friends even makes it even better!

Emma Strandberg


Emma Strandberg, 18 years old from Växjö, Småland. She has been riding for ages and competed as well. She is always at the barn and doesn’t have any spare time. She just graduated from the “Swedish Gymnasium” where she took business and administration. She will compete in Showmanship, Horsemanship, Trail, Reining and Hunter Under Saddle. She has won a lot of gold medals at the Swedish Championships. Emma also competed at the AQHA European Youth Cup in 2017 and came in on second place in the Trail. She’s looking forward to compete abroad, meet new trainers, ride new horses and do what she loves the most with a lot of other youths from the whole world, and especially with her team mates!

Marie Andersson


Marie Andersson, 19 years old, is from Motala, Östergötland. She has been riding since she was a baby and the interest in horses has just grown since then. Her hobbies aside from the horses are snowboarding in winter and drive around and work with old Mmerican cars in summer.  She will compete in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Trail, Horsemanship, Showmanship and Cutting. Besides winning a series of medals at the Swedish Championship, she competed in the APHA Youth World Games in 2016 and at the European Championships, Euro Paint, in 2016. She mostly looks forward to meet all the youth kids  from all over the world, learning, gaining experience and just enjoying her time with the team! Also she looks forward to be on the ground and not in the air on the plane!

Team Leader: Victoria Andersson


Team Trainer: Natasha Møller

Natasha Møller; picture: The Showlife
Natasha Møller; picture: The Showlife

Team Germany

Laura Elisa Weber


Age: 19

Hometown: Sprockhövel

At the age of 9, Laura began to show her first Quarter Horse. Heading to the European Championship is one of the highlights of Laura’s show career. “Furthermore, I loved to be a part of the past YWCs,” Laura says. “Each YWC brings out the best in every person and teaches you how to deal with pressure.” This will be Laura’s last YWC: “I hope to have an unforgettable time with a good team and lots of memories – as always,” she adds.

Emily Ehm


Age: 16

Hometown: Wedemark

Quarter Horses have been a part of Emily’s life from an early age on. One of Emily’s favorite AQHA events is the Ride of America in Wenden because of the support shown to Youth competitors. Emily also loves watching American Football. She is excited about traveling to the States. “I am looking forward to meeting new people from different countries.”

Leonie Bochartz


Age: 17

Hometown: Montabaur

Having a vacation on an American ranch introduced Leonie to riding. Competition is the highlight for her, especially Futurity classes at the Q-Show in Aachen. Leonie enjoys going to the gym and visiting friends: “I am is excited to be a part of such a great show and to make new experiences at an American show that brings so many people from different countries together,” Leonie comments, “I think it’ll be fun.”

Nike Lorenz


Age: 15

Hometown: Unna

Nike began her equine career in dressage, but quickly changed to western riding at the age of seven and bought a Quarter Horse a year later. Her favorite AQHA event is the European Championship held in Kreuth, Germany. “I am looking forward to learn as much as I can,” Nike says “and make great experiences together with the other members of Team Germany.”

Josephine Kehry


Age: 18

Hometown: Ludwigshafen

Every opportunity to show her Quarter Horse is a highlight for Josephine, especially the European and German Championship. When Josephine is not riding, she enjoys exercising and watching Netflix. “I am really looking forward to meeting talented riders from different countries,” Josephine says, “and having fun with our team.”

Tabea Schnauder


Age: 16

Hometown: Leonberg

2013 was the beginning of Tabea’s show career the she competed in her first AQHA show and her favorite events are the Quarter Horse Show in Aachen and the European Championship. Tabea enjoys running and gymnastics: “I am happy to have this unique opportunity to participate in such a big show.” Tabea want on to say: “I can learn so much and I am looking forward to meeting new AQHA members and to having lots of fun.”

Louisa Fiedler


Age: 16

Hometown: Düsseldorf

Fascinated by the Quarter Horse, Louisa started doing western riding at a young age. Louisa’s favorite event is the ECQH, she likes the opportunity to compete against others. “I am looking forward to meeting the international Youth teams and exchanging horsey stories from around the world!”


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