The Danish Championship Offers A Variety of Classes and Great Prizes

AQHA classes, APHA classes and the NSBA Young Horse Cup – this year’s International Danish Paint Horse Championship offers a wide variety of classes. We got in touch with Dóra Göcze, Jeanne Olsen, Kirsten Callesen and Kirstine Kaanbjerg Jensen who are four of the faces behind the show. Check out the article to find out all about this great show and what it has to offer!

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Showing on a Budget

Yes, some people might not need to read this as they do not have to worry whether to go to a horse show or on vacation, they can do both. This article is for those people who calculate each horse show through and wonder where they might save a euro or two. There are numerous articles on this topic, just google it, so this one is an article that is simply based on my own experience, because I am lacking a lot of talents, but I do know how to show horses on a budget.

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Klein aber fein: Die Schweizer Westernreitszene

And the winner is… from Switzerland! Diesen Satz hört man auf großen Turnieren in allen Verbänden immer wieder – denn die Schweizer Westernreitszene ist im Vergleich zum deutschen Sport klein, aber voll von talentierten Reiterinnen und Reitern. Wir haben mit vier davon gesprochen und gefragt, was sie an ihrer Szene schätzen, was ihnen im Sport wichtig ist und welche Ziele sie noch haben – vor allem mit Blick auf die anstehenden Schweizer Meisterschaften.

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What do You Wear?

Which hats do you wear? Which brand of boots? Where do you buy show clothing? We received messages with these questions a lot, especially from newcomers. Usually, they also want to know some brands or addresses where to get pieces for their first show outfit. In this article, we’d like to explain what we wear and how to create a neat outfit, especially if you are not super rich. We will mention some brands, but only because we actually wear them, not because we want to advertise them.

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New Podcast Episode feat. Gina Ulveie

She is only 25 years old – but she has accomplished a lot already: Gina Ulveie from Norway was a successful Youth competitor, is a trainer now and studying at Germany’s most renowned university for sports and she has done something many people in the horse show industry would be jealous of: She has studied in the States and rode for a US college equestrian team. Gina told us about her experience, how an injury shaped her journey and gives advice on how to apply at US colleges with equestrian teams.

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Babes Support Babes: TSL x Barn Babe

Die einen haben sie vielleicht schon gesehen, die anderen tragen sie schon: die „No Life Like Showlife“-Sweater. Klar, das Design ist inspiriert von The Showlife – entworfen wurde es aber vom Team von Barn Babe, der Firma, die den Sweater auch produziert und verkauft. Dass er nicht einfach bei einer x-beliebigen Firma hergestellt wurde, hat Gründe: die Philosophie und die Menschen, die hinter dem Unternehmen stehen. Barn Babe besteht – wie der Name schon sagt – aus Menschen, die das Stallleben und Pferde ebenfalls lieben. Aber wir wollen nicht zu viel verraten, sondern sich das Label selbst vorstellen lassen. Dazu haben wir mit Gründerin Louisa Gehrmann gesprochen.

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