Showing a Young Horse: Which Program to Choose?

Starting a youngster, introducing a young horse to the show circuit, that is an exciting process – one that comes with many decisions. Owner and trainer have to decide which association and which futurity program they want to show the horse in. We have talked to Linda Leckebuch-Stark and Carolin Lenz about that decision and looked at two of the largest programs in Europe.


Ask The Judge!

You are new to the show industry and totally confused by everything that’s going on? You have been showing for a while but still don’t get the new scoring system? You are a DIY-rider without a trainer to ask some questions? We are here to help! Together with five DQHA Professional Horsewomen who are also judges, we have created this unique opportunity for you: Ask the judge!


We Will be Back

We work. We sweat. We cry. We, fail, one time, another time and still try. We criticise, yet never doubt ourselves, we push forward. We get up early, we ignore our sore legs, we put on a neat shirt and show. We fight against all odds. And we win. We are European Champions, Futurity Champions, National Champions and sometimes the queens and kings of hearts. We are equestrians. We know how to defeat a crisis, even Corona. We know how to push through. We will be back. 🤎

This is not the most professional video as it features many clips that were taken with a phone. But those are your clips and we wanted to share them. Did you spot yourself or your friends?
Those clips that do look professional, however, were taken by Horsepaparazzi. Thank you very much! 🤎
Wir arbeiten hart. Wir schwitzen. Wir weinen. Wir machen Fehler, einmal, zweimal und probieren es doch immer wieder. Wir hinterfragen, aber zweifeln nie. Wir stehen in aller Herrgottsfrühe auf, ignorieren den Muskelkater und ziehen unser Showoutfit an, reiten los und gewinnen. Wir sind Europameister, Futurity Champions, Deutsche Meister und manchmal Sieger der Herzen. Wir als Reiter wissen, wie man mit Krisen umgeht, wie man aus ihnen gestärkt hervorgeht, auch Corona kann uns nichts anhaben. Wir sehen uns wieder. 🤎

Das ist nicht das professionellste Video, da auch viele Handyclips drin sind – aber das sind eure Momente und die wollen wir ja auch zeigen. Habt ihr euch schon entdeckt?
Alles, was aber sehr professionell aussieht, wurde von Horsepaparazzi aufgenommen – vielen Dank, dass wir diese schönen Momente nutzen dürfen!


Horse Show Hacks Part I: Get Them Spotless

One thing is for sure: Showing Paint Horses, grey horses or palominos is great – they usually make you stand out in the crowd. Another thing is for sure as well: Keeping those horses clean can be torture. No, we are not exaggerating in that case. In part one of our series „Horse Show Hacks“ we asked competitors who show Paint Horses or grey horses for their advice on how to keep the horses clean and make them shine in the show pen.


Though She be But Little She is Fierce

Trying allround events with a Haflinger horse, a Gypsy Vanner … we have published some stories like this. But a pony? Shown by an 18-year-old? We have talked to Sina Bender, an accomplished EWU equestrian, who has won multiple medals at the German Open, about her German Riding Pony Nara, about the fear of being too tall, about the things she gets to hear when she shows up with her pony.


Conquering the Allround Events – with a Gypsy Vanner Horse

In our articles, we mainly focus on Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Appaloosa – not only, because they are great breeds, but also because they make up the majority of horses shown in our sport. In Germany, however, there is an association that offers Western events for all sorts of breeds – and there, still, usually dominate the “classic” Western horses. If you can win with a different breed of horse, this horse must be really broke, willing to give its best – just like Fiona. This Gypsy Vanner Horse has been successfully shown in EWU classes by owner Ruth Böhm. We have talked to Ruth about her special mare and their career.