A Special Kind Of World Show: Equestrians for Equality

During the Corona pandemic, certain kinds of trends emerged: baking banana bread, doing Zoom parties and – when it comes to horses – competing in virtual horse shows. One advantage of those shows: They were open to anyone. And our sport should be in general – that is what Nadia Aslam thinks. She is not only a writer for the FEI and Show Horse Today, but has also founded a special project called Equestrians for Equality. She has told The Showlife all about it and the World Show they are planning.


The Schmid Family Purchases a New Horse

Despite the pandemic, things are still changing and evolving in our industry and as every year horses are sold over the winter. We have talked to the Schmid family who recently welcomed a new four-legged family member: Dont You Doubt Me aka Despacito was bred by Karin Prevedel and was owned by Adrienne Jüliger for several years.

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