Use Your Voice Equestrian: A Campaign Against Sexual Violence

A few weeks ago, we did a Clubhouse talk on equality and accessibility in the riding industry. After that and our story on “Equestrians for Equality”, some readers pointed out that there is a viral video on Instagram that deals with sexual violence within the riding industry. We have talked to the initiator of the campaign, Lisa Marie Kreutz, who is a successful equestrian.


A Sensational Happy End in 2020

2020 – it’s probably not the year most of us have many fond memories of. For the sister duo Sandra Rüd and Christine Baier, however, the year had another bad surprise in store – besides the whole pandemic stuff. But – we can tell you this much – their story has a happy ending.


Taking a New Challenge: Laura Weber is studying besides being a Horse Trainer

Being a horse trainer is risky business. It is not a job that is well integrated and supported in the systems of our European States. It is a job you can easily lose – especially in times of a pandemic. Laura Weber has not only founded her own business last year – Laura Weber Western Performers – but has recently started to go to university as well. We have talked to the 21-year-old about why she did that, what she thinks about having a certain kind of training as a horse trainer and her goals.

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