Cathrin Gutmann Purchases Piece of Land in Texas

The Showlife has learned that Cathrin Gutmann and her husband Guntard have recently purchased a a piece of land in Tioga, Texas. Being Austrian natives the couple already lives at one of the most beautiful facilities in Europe, the historic Gut Jaidhof. Cathrin owns some of Europe’s most popular allround and HuS horses, including OnlyAfraid InTheDark, Al Be Graceful and A Natural Sensation among others. OnlyAfraid InTheDark now lives in the US as well as the mare Cathrin won a Congress Championship with, Blue Couture. Some offspring by Cathrin’s mares were born in the US as well. The Austrian equestrian works with several trainers and has been competing in the US for a couple of years.

We sat down with Cathrin and were able to find out all the details on the purchase:


Cathrin Gutmann and her allround mare OnlyAfraid InTheDark who lives in the US

TheShowlife (TSL): Congratulations on the purchase, Cathrin! Can you tell us why you chose to take this step?

Cathrin Gutmann (CG): We’ve been successfully showing and breeding in the US now for a couple of years and we’ve actively started looking for a place last summer. So many aspects of the work I do at home with my horses origin from the United States and I’m very fortunate and happy to be able to work closely with the best trainers out there. In addition to the work we do together, many great friendships have developed over the years. “Gutmann Farms” was something that we wanted to do because we felt it was time to take the next step. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past years and it was important for us to commit to our endeavors in the United States. I think that the exchange of knowledge between the US and Europe is a very important thing and that’s what we will try to accomplish on different levels with the two facilities, our horses and trainers.


The new logo of “Gutmann Farms”, designed by gr-ink design.

TSL: Your family already owns a beautiful facility in Austria. Will you move to the US completely or will you manage both facilities at the same time?

CG: For me as an equestrian mainly showing the Hunter under Saddle and Western Pleasure and always trying to improve my skills the future definitely lies in the US, but that doesn’t mean that we will give up “Gut Jaidhof” and the horses in Europe. We’ve put a lot of heart and work into “Gut Jaidhof” and it is the place where the family history will continue to be written. I love to live in Austria and I love to work with my horses at home and in addition I’m very happy to establish this second base within the heart of our industry.


The new facility is going to be located near Lake Ray Roberts in Texas.

TSL: As the pictures show you have chosen a beautiful piece of land – how did you find it?

CG: When my husband and I traveled to the US last fall we took the opportunity to take two days and drive around the Pilot Point area with my dear friend Carrie Oakley who is a real estate agent – and after looking at several places we found the absolutely perfect piece of land! Right at Lake Ray Roberts in Tioga, the 70+ acres were exactly what we had in mind – when we saw it for the first time we both knew that that was it, it is an absolutely stunning piece of land!

TSL: What are your plans for the facility?

CG: Right now we are in the middle of negotiations with future partners and we will start to plan the facility once we have everything worked out. We will build from the scratch and there’s going to be everything you need to operate a state of the art horse training and breeding business.


Cathrin and her HuS mare Bright Iron CDF; Picture: Andreas Krappweis

TSL: You will surely spend even more time in the US from now on – will we still see you at European shows?
CG: I will continue working at “Gut Jaidhof” and I will also try to make the time to go to a few European shows this season. I’m excited to see what the future holds in both the US and Europe!

We are excited as well and would once again like to say “Congrats!” to Cathrin and Guntard Gutmann!

Thank you very much for the interview, Cathrin, we are looking forward to seeing you at the European shows!

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