Day 10: Working on Counter Canter

Counter canter is a rather advanced manoeuvre – Sabrina Krämer will give some advice on how to start doing this with a young horse.

Sabrina KrämerPicture by Björn Serfas

I have been working as a horse trainer for 16 years now, our facility is located in Southern Germany. We are mainly focusing on giving lessons, including those for children, newcomers and competitive riders. We have some great lessons horses available as well. Since I am an EWU trainer A, I am allowed to train EWU trainers B and C.

Sabrina advises everyone who wants to start with counter canter to start on the long side of the rail and then ride a small circle in the corner to change directions. “Make sure your horse is bent to the inside, in the corner, then let it go straight once you turn around.” Check out the video to see what Sabrina means. “The circle you ride in order to turn should not be too round, but rather drop-shaped, so that you get a straight line going back to the long side of the rail.” If the horse manages to hold the counter canter, you can break down to a walk and pet it. “Your outer leg, the one that is outside before turning, can be used to actively push the horse back to the rail once you have started going into the other direction,” Sabrina says. “Your goal is to bend the horse to the inside at the counter canter.” The safer the horse gets at the counter canter, the more longer it can go at the counter canter. “You can do a figure eight at the lope without changing leads.” Check out the video to see what Sabrina means and how her client uses reins and legs in order to achieve the result.

Heute wird’s arbeitsintensiv: Es geht an das Thema Außengalopp. Tipps gibt es dazu von Sabrina Krämer.

Sabrina KrämerFoto: Björn Serfas

“Ich arbeite mittlerweile seit 16 Jahren als Trainerin und betreibe einen Trainingsstall in Metzingen. Der Schwerpunkt unserer Arbeit liegt auf der Ausbildung von Reitern – angefangen beim Kinderreitunterricht, über erwachsene Anfänger bis hin zum Turnierreiter ist bei uns alles vertreten. Hier stehen unseren Kunden bei Bedarf auch sehr gut ausgebildete Lehrpferde zur Verfügung. Im Jahr 2016 habe ich die Trainer A-Prüfung der EWU erfolgreich abgelegt; seitdem bilden wir auch Trainer C und B aus. Weitere APO-Kurse wie die WRA 10-2 oder den Trainerassistenten biete ich bereits seit 2018 mehrmals im Jahr an.”

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