Day 11: Working on the Cutting Machine

Where are all the Cutting lovers? Today, multiple Cutting Champion Ute Holm will give some advice on working on the cutting machine.

Ute HolmPicture by Dead and Alive

In our tip today, Ute will show you how you can prepare your horse for cow work using a cutting machine – and what to do if you don’t have one. “Start by letting your horse directly approach the flag of the cutting machine”, Ute says. “Ask it to back up, then turn so that you are parallel to the machine and let the horse follow the flag. Push with your legs if needed.” If the flag stops, your horse should stop. “You can ask your horse to watch the flag again, if it gets distracted.” Once the flag moves into the other direction, you should open your inside leg and make the horse turn and follow the flag again. “Make sure to do everything calmly and ideally the horse is bent to the inside a little once you stop.” Check out the video to see what Ute does. “Make the horse wait, it shouldn’t decide on its own.” When stopping your “cow work” on the machine, you can put your hand on the horse’s neck and make it back-up a little, then turn towards the flag, but do a 270-degree-turn and walk away.

Heute gibt es einen besonderen Tipp für unsere Cowhorse-Liebhaber: Die deutsche Cutting-Größe Ute Holm erklärt euch, wie ihr euch mithilfe einer Cutting-Maschine – oder ohne – auf euren ersten Rinderkurs vorbereiten könnt.

Ute HolmPicture by Dead and Alive

Ute points out that even if you don’t have cattle at your barn to work with, you can ask another rider to “play the cow”. Check out the video to see what she means. Use a set of cones as your “herd” and push the “cow” out of the herd. You can then ask the other rider to perform as a cow would and work just like you did on the machine. “Always mirror the cow, do what the cow does.”

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