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It’s time for trail: Golden Series and Americana Champion Carolin Lenz will teach you something about walk-overs.

Carolin LenzPicture by Luxcompany

Caro is a multiple European and German Champion in Trail and has been successful in other Allround events as well.

The most important thing about working on walk-overs is setting up the poles in the correct way. “The should be set 40 to 60 centimetres apart,” Caro says. She starts by working the horse without the poles first. “I want them to walk on a straight line maintaining the same rhythm. I usually say ‚walk‘ to make them go slower.” If the horse doesn’t respond to the cue, you can stop: “But try not to use your rein. Then back-up. Don’t get angry or stress the horse in any sort of way. The most important thing is that the horse is relaxed while doing the walk-over.” Pet the horse if it has done well. “If it has worked out, turn around and do it in the other direction.”

Once you get to work on the poles, make sure it picks up the rhythm before. “I usually look at the space in front of the first pole where I want my horse to make the step. I then look at the spaces between the other poles.” If the horse rushes, you can simply stop, hesitate, make the head go down and walk again. “This will make your horse listen,” Caro stresses. You can use your body to help the horse: “Lean a little left, lean a little to the right, get up in the saddle.” Check out the video to see how Caro moves her body during the walk-overs. “You can use a little hey to catch your horse’s attention if it has gone a little ‚offline‘.” If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can message Caro on Facebook or Instagram!

Heute geht es mal wieder um das Thema Trail: Carolin Lenz gibt euch ein paar Tipps zum Thema Schrittstangen.

Carolin LenzFoto: Luxcompany

Caro ist mehrfache Deutsche und Europameisterin im Trail und auch in anderen Allroundklassen erfolgreich.

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