Day 15: Working on Being Fair

Gabi Resch won’t discuss a certain manoeuvre in this part of our “advent calendar” but will cover the topic of fairness.

Gabi Resch Foto: Tom Hautmann

Professional Horsewoman
DQHA Judge
Breeder and trainer
Gabi Resch has been breeding and training American Quarter Horses for 20 years and has been working with horses from an early age on. She rode her Quarter Horse stallion EH One Of Lenas Finest to win multiple German and International Champion titles.

Gabi stresses that being fair means that you have to raise your horse in a logical way. “Tell them what to do and show them if they are making a mistake without being unfair or harsh.” Gabi shows one example: If your horse wants to pass by and walk in front of you, make it step backwards and show it where it should walk. “You have to show the horse that everything is okay and that it is safe.”

When working on manoeuvres Gabi repeats each element until the horse has understood what is asked of it. “Then let it go.” If this results in a situation where you have to do things over and over again, you should ask a trainer for help, she stresses. When guiding a horse, you should be strict with yourself, Gabi stresses: “Imagine a line in your head and whenever the horse leaves that line, correct it.” She says that it is important to have a plan when riding. “The horse is your partner and should enjoy what you are doing.”

If the horse is scared of something, you should be strict with yourself and not let fear overtake. “If you are scared as well, the horse will be scared for sure. If you react fair, you will have a friend for a life-time.”

(Note from the editor: This video contains ad material for the trainer’s stallion – we were not paid for that or want to promote this stallion.)

Im heutigen Artikel geht es um die Themen Konsequenz und Fairness.

Gabi Resch Foto: Tom Hautmann

Professional Horsewoman
DQHA Richterin
Züchterin und Bereiterin
Gabi Resch züchtet und bildet seit 20 Jahren Quarter Horses aus und arbeitet seit der Kindheit mit Pferden. Mit ihrem Deckhengst EH ONEOF LENASFINEST ist sie mehrfacher Deutscher und Internationaler Champion. 

(Hinweis aus der Redaktion: In diesem Video findet sich Werbematerial für den Hengst der Trainerin – dieses wurde nicht von uns angefragt und wir wurden nicht dafür bezahlt.)

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