Day 16: Working on the “L”

It’s Trail time! Sandra Rohde will teach you some tricks about the backward L which is part of many trail courses.

Sandra RohdeFoto: Fizzycolors Turnierfotografie

Trainer A EWU/FN
Professionel Horsewoman DQHA 
Barn & Breeding Manager

Sandra focuses on: 
Training of prospects and show horses, lessons, showing, coaching at home and at shows

„Trust is the basis. A good training is the gist you can build on that basis. If you achieve that today, you won’t believe what tomorrow has in store for you.“

The “L” is a popular element of many trail courses. Sandra usually sets it up as a “T” – as shown in the video – in order to add more variation to the obstacle. “If a horse does that obstacle for the first time, I will let it walk through from different angles and let it get to know the obstacle as such,” Sandra says. Watch the video to see how Sandra teaches her horse to move its hindquarters in the L. “If the horse makes a step into a direction I don’t want to, I make it step into the other direction.” Sandra says that in training you can vary on how many steps you ask from the horse. “If a young horse has trouble, you can try to do it without the poles, just to teach the horse the proper way to move.” You can pet the horse if it does well. “If the horse gets too stressed, let it go away from the L, do something different – I wouldn’t want the horse to get stressed at the obstacle.”

When working with more experienced horses, you might want to work on the “form”, Sandra says: “I want the horse’s head and neck to go down and the horse should place its steps carefully.” You can use both legs when going backwards, always being able to correct the horse to move into one direction or another. “If you have a horse that likes to back-up, try to make it move forward as well.” You should make sure that you are the one to ask for the steps, not let the horse decide.

Heute geht es um das Thema Rückwärts-L, präsentiert von Sandra Rohde, die diesen Kalender organisiert hat.

Sandra RohdeFoto: Fizzycolors Turnierfotografie

Trainerin A EWU/FN
Professionel Horsewoman DQHA 
Pferdewirtin Zucht & Haltung

Training, Lessons, Showing, Coaching
Reitunterricht, Pferdeausbildung von der Basis bis zum Turnierpferd, Vorstellen von Pferden auf dem Turnier, Coaching von Reitern auf dem Turnier, Drill Team

„Eine vertrauensvolle Basis ist das Fundament. Eine vielseitige Ausbildung ist das Gerüst darauf.
Damit können heute ungeahnte Möglichkeiten für morgen erreicht werden!“

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