Day 18: Working on the Side-Pass

Today, Christine Engel will give you some advice on how to work on the side pass.

Christine EngelFoto: Luxcompany

EWU Trainer A
Christine trains horses and gives lesson near Karlsruhe, Germany.
2014 Regional Champion Junior Trail
2019 Regional Champion Youngstars Challenge
Reserve Regional Champion Junior Trail

When working on a side pass, Christine stresses that it is important to put weight on your right ischial tuberosity, if you want to go to the left. The left leg is touching the horse’s body, put not pushing too much. “My reins will help me control the horse’s shoulder. Make sure you don’t give-away with your hip, stay straight in your upper body.”

You can also add a corner to your side pass. Christine stresses that you should slow down a bit before going into the corner. Check out the video to see what she means.

Christine Engel wird euch heute einige Tipps zum Thema Sidepass geben.

Christine EngelFoto: Luxcompany

Trainer A Westernreiten
Trainiert und unterrichtet auf der Trail und Reining Station der Familie Will-Axtmann in Neu-Malsch bei Karlsruhe
2014 LM Junior Trail
2019 LM Youngstars Challenge
Vize LM Junior Trail

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