Day 22: Working on Corners for Ranch Riding

Square corners are a popular element in Ranch Riding classes. Antonia Haug-Regenbogen will teach you how to work on that.

Antonia Haug-Regenbogen

Trainer located in Germany
EWU Trainer A and EWU A/B judge

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Antonia points out that setting up a square corner with poles and a cone will help you practice. “You can decide how far apart you want to set the cone from the poles.” You can start by doing this exercise at a walk: “Watch where you want to go, move your hand into the direction.” Continue to work at a lope, the girls in the video demonstrate how to do that. Once this works out, you can go on to an extended trot. Many Ranch Riding patterns ask for square corners at an extended trot. “Make sure to change directions when doing this exercise. This exercise will show you which side works better for your horse and you might want to work on the opposite side a little more.” If it works out at a trot and lope, you can do it without the poles and cones. “You can put a lot of variation to this exercise”, Antonia points out.

Antonia Haug-Regenbogen erklärt euch heute, wie man an Ecken arbeitet, die oft in Ranch Riding verlangt werden.

Antonia Haug-Regenbogen

Selbständige Trainerin/Ausbilderin in Trochtelfingen 
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