Day 23: Working on Lope Overs

Christmas is getting closer, but we are not done yet! Today, Marina Schwank will teach you some things about lope overs and how to approach them.

Marina Schwank Picture by Art & Light Photography

“My favourite events are Western Riding and Trail. I love working with prospects and to see their progress. I also love working with Amateurs and Youth riders and watch them becoming a team with their horses and mastering all challenges.”

Marina will give you some advice on how to approach a lope over: “Image a line in front of the pole where you want the horse’s front feet to land. Never look at the pole, but in front of the pole or at the spaces in between.” Marina says that you can compare a horse’s back with a accordion. Depending on how you approach the pole, you have to push the horse forward and make it stretch or make it slow down. “When working with young horses, Ranch Riding or Reining horses, I might adjust my poles and not use the distance they use at shows but widen it. That way, the horse will have a positive experience and won’t be overwhelmed.” Check out the video to see how Marina works with a rather green horse.

“Sooner or later, you will find out whether your horse is one that likes to stretch a step or make two smaller ones.” Marina stresses that it is important to make the horse feel safe. “If you have a Senior horse, you might have a horse that decide for itself how to approach the pole. Once you are a good team, you might know when it makes the sense to let horse decide. But you can always explain to the horse that you are the one who makes decision – just be kind while correcting it.” Marina also says that the most important thing about lope overs is to not be afraid and just do it!

Weihnachten rückt immer näher – doch zwei Türchen haben wir noch für euch: Heute erklärt euch Marina Schwank, wie man Lope Overs am besten anreitet.

Marina Schwank Picture by Art & Light Photography

“Meine Lieblingsdisziplinen sind Western Riding und Trail.
Ich liebe die Arbeit mit Jungpferden, es macht mir sehr viel Freude, die Fortschritte zu sehen. 
Gleichermaßen liebe ich die Arbeit mit den Besitzern bzw. Jugendlichen und Amateuren, zu sehen, wie sich ein Team bildet und Herausforderungen gemeistert werden.”

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