Day 4: Working the Box

Day 4 is about Trail again. This time, Sandra Ellering will talk to you about the box.

Sandra Ellering

Trainer A Western riding
Sandra drives around to give lessons and focuses on starting youngsters and Trail. She is also a mental coach.

Sandra explains that when doing the box in Trail for the first time, you should make sure to approach the obstacle from a straight line. “Use your legs and reins to make the horse’s head come down and make the horse focus on the poles.” She stresses that it is important to count the strides, “to make sure all four feet have entered the box before you start turning.” When starting to turn, she advises her client to look from corner to corner of the box.

Sandra Ellering

Trainer A
Sandra ist mobile Trainerin im Raum Heidelberg, Mentaltrainerin und spezialisiert auf die Ausbildung von Jungpferden und das Trail-Training.

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