Day 5: Working on Collection

Our tip on day 5 of our advent calendar is brought to you by Claudia Stuff. She presents an exercise that stems from dressage riding and will help you to collect your horse.

Claudia StuffPicture: Karl Stuff

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Claudia explains that this exercise is called the “swing”. You ride your horse on a circle, first at the walk. After a few steps you use your leg and put on pressure until the horse stops and moves backwards. After doing this a few times, you can start doing the same thing at the jog and later on at the lope as well. Claudia says: “This is rather an exercise for more experienced horses, not entirely green ones. After a while you should realize how your horse puts its hind quarters much more underneath its body.” Check out the video to watch the whole exercise.

Unser Tipp für Tag 5 kommt von Claudia Stuff, die sich in ihrer Übung mit dem Thema Versammlung beschäftigt.

Claudia StuffPicture: Karl Stuff

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