Day 7: Working on Your Rundown and Stop

Day 7 is especially interesting for any Reining and Cowhorse riders, because Philipp Martin Haug who is a multiple ERCHA champion will teach you something about the rundown and stop. You will have to show these two elements in any Reining and Working Cowhorse pattern.

Philipp Martin Haug

Multiple German Champion (EWU, DQHA) in Reining and Working Cowhorse
Multiple European Champion Working Cowhorse
ERCHA/NRCHA Open Futurity Champion
Multiple winner of the Bestes Jungpferd award(EWU)
Trainer A
NRCHA judge

The horse has to understand what you want if you ask for a stop, Philipp stresses. “Just getting slower until the horse stops doesn’t work, because you will come to a point where the horse has to stop abruptly and it won’t work out then.” You can use voice commands such as “Whoa!”. “If I say whoa, I want the horse to stop and step one step back. Think ‘backwards’, so that the horse puts weight on its hindquarters.” You should sit back, open your legs and thereby help the horse to do what it’s asked to. “You can start a walk and use the rein to help if needed. If you pick up the rein, make sure you do it softly,” Philipp says. If it works out at the walk, you can continue to do it at a jog. “Always, always, think about that one step backwards.”

Philipp says that it is important that the horse won’t get slower before the stop, but uses its hind legs to stop. “You don’t need to do a sliding stop every time, but you need to make the horse understand what to do when you say whoa, open your legs, lean back a little or pick up the reins softly.”

Heute geht es um das Thema Stop, präsentiert von Philipp Martin Haug.

Philipp Martin Haug

Mehrfacher Deutscher Meister (EWU, DQHA) in Reining und Working Cowhorse
Mehrfacher Europameister Working Cowhorse
ERCHA/NRCHA Open Futurity Champion
Mehrfach Bestes Jungpferd (EWU)
Trainer A, Goldenes Reitabzeichen
NRCHA Richter

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