Day 8: Working on Extended Jog

Today, we will talk about extending the jog, featuring Claudia Holtmann.

Claudia HoltmannPicture: Betina Gerber

EWU Trainer A
EWU Judge C
In our sport, we are looking for a calm, happy horse that has a certain will to please. The rider should be balanced and give light cues. Yes, that is the ultimate goal. I try to support my clients by helping them along the way, giving them confidence so that they can improve their riding.

Claudia stresses that extending a gait does not mean to just become faster. “The horse should lengthen its stride and maintain a nice headset. Ideally, it should push from behind. The horse has to step underneath its body.” According to Claudia the horse should lift up its shoulders and its back. Check out the video to see a drawing of what Claudia means. But how to achieve that? Claudia puts eight little cones on a circle (picture included in the video). “Use one quarter to go slow, one quarter to extend the gait, ride one quarter at the extended gait, use the fourth quarter to slow down. That way you can control your speed and take time to give the cues.” You can post at the extended trot if you want. “Ideally, you post on the right foot, because it helps the horse to put up weight on the right foot.” Claudia points out that the horse will show you if it understands what you want or if it is overwhelmed by the exercise. “The more advanced you and your horse are, the more accurate your transitions can be. Use each cone for one transition. Use you body position to show the horse what you want. Sit deep into the saddle to go back to jog, sit up a little if you want to extend the jog.” Claudia stresses that everything you do should be rhythmic. “Don’t exaggerate whatever you do – your horse might misinterpret this.”

Im heutigen Tipp geht es um das Thema Trabverstärkung.

Claudia HoltmannFoto: Betina Gerber

Trainer A
Richter C
Das Idealbild im Reitsport ist ein williges, zufriedenes und mitarbeitendes Pferd, welches von einem ausbalanciert sitzendem Reiter mit feiner Hilfengebung geritten wird. Zugegebenermaßen ein ziemlich hochgestecktes Ziel. Frei nach dem Motto „Der Weg ist das Ziel“ begleite ich Pferd und Reiter ein Stück des Weges, immer darauf bedacht, dass der Reiter zunehmend selbständiger und sicherer wird – unabhängig vom jetzigen Kenntnisstand.

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