Day I: Working on Jog Overs

Our “advent calendar” starts with Andrea Schmid who explains how to work on your rhythm in jog overs.

Andrea Schmid

Andrea is a multiple FEQHA European Champion and has her own training facility in Germany where she also breeds American Quarter Horses

Andrea says she usually puts ten to 15 poles on the ground in order to make the horse concentrate and not look to much forward and losing its focus. “You can set the poles apart differently, using spaces of six feet, nine feet and so on.” She also uses the poles to work on guiding, meaning that she will guide the horse through the spaces between the poles and even stop the horse between the poles that are set apart nine feet. To Andrea, this can be helpful whenever the horse tends to rush over the poles. She stresses that it is important to keep the horse straight in its body whenever you do a straight line. Check out the video to see what Andrea means!

Den ersten Teil unseres 24-TSL-TRAINER-TIPS-Adventskalenders übernimmt Andrea Schmid.

Andrea Schmid

Andrea Schmid ist vielfache FEQHA Europameisterin in den Allround-Disziplinen. 
Sie hat seit über 25 Jahren einen eigenen Trainings- und Zuchtbetrieb in Schwäbisch Gmünd. 

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