Day III: Working with Weanlings

On day III of our advent calendar, Jenny Kuhn will show you some tricks to help you deal with a weanling or any other young horse.

Jenny KuhnPicture: Tom Hautmann

Jenny runs the Showdown Ranch in Germany where they breed and prepare Reining horses to show.

Jenny stresses that she teaches the young horses to be touched without being scared. “We also teach them to move away from any sort of pressure. In order to move the shoulder, you can grab the halter and slightly push on the shoulder. The horse should give in to the pressure and move.” If the horse doesn’t react, Jenny advises to increase pressure. “Pet the horse if it does well.” Jenny stresses that you should do all that from both sides of the horse. „If you want to move the hind quarters, you can put the lead rope around the horse’s neck in order to prevent it from moving forward. Then push the hip.”

An Tag 3 unseres Adventskalenders geht es um die Erziehung junger Pferde, genauer gesagt von Absetzern.

Jenny KuhnFoto: Tom Hautmann

Jenny ist Inhaberin der Showdown Ranch. „Wir züchten und trainieren Reiningpferde und stellen sie auf Turnieren vor.“

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