Elisa Frischbier Adds Shes All The Candy to her Show Line-Up

One exciting thing about the AQHA industry is that there are always changes going on. Horses come and go and so do people. Elisa Frischbier from Germany has entered the AQHA industry last year and is therefore more or less a newcomer. But that does not mean she has not committed totally: In 2016 she showed her gelding Cody Brownbear in the Novice Amateur allround events and bought a weanling mare from well-known French breeder David Maisonnette. Just recently, Elisa added another horse to her line-up. Find out everything about her new mare, Elisa’s advice on how to make your way as a newcomer and her future plans in the following interview:

TheShowlife (TSL): Elisa, you have started showing at AQHA shows in 2016, so many people might not know you yet. Can you tell a bit about yourself?

Elisa Frischbier (EF): I started looking for a quarter horse in September of 2015, because I already encoutered the western equestrian scene through my sister-in-law. When I was riding Cody for the first time, it was love at first sight! Although he is not the classic allround horse, because he is reining/cutting-bred, we just clicked and I continue learning from him until this day. Since Anna Gürlich started Cody, it was obvious that she would be my trainer. It was her who took us to our first show in March 2016. You could say that I’m “addicted“ because of Anna and Cody. I owe Cody’s first ROM as well as the two Highpoint titles I earned in my first year entirely to them!


Elisa and her gelding Cody Brownbear

TSL: What events do you show in and what is your favorite event?

EF: Together with Cody I show in trail, horsemanship, equitation and we just started western riding. Although I like each event for what it is, I’m really fascinated by western riding, because this event requires a horse that is perfectly in the bridle and really listening to you. I like this challenge, because I always want to learn something new.

TSL: What do you like about the European AQHA industry?

EF: I like the variety of events that are offered by the AQHA and the fact that even at the big shows in Kreuth or Aachen everyone is part of one big family. You know each other, exchange knowledge and you can always learn something.

TSL: Via Facebook we found out that you purchased a horse recently – can you give us some details?

EF: Yes, in October I’ve been to the Congress with Anna – by the way, that is something you should definitely experience if you can, the quality of the horses and the atmosphere are simply fantastic! – and I met “Keks“, which is the German word for “cookie“. She is a 4-year-old mare by RL Best of Sudden out of Shesa Hot Cookie. Although sorrel horses are not really my favorite, they persuaded me to try her out. Well, riding her felt like something I’ve done for a long time and now she is living in Germany. She is a great-minded horse and I, being a novice, can learn a lot from her although she is just four years old.

TSL: What are your plans for 2017?

EF: Since we do not live far away from Kreuth, we will definitely go to the Spring Classics, the Bavarian Championship and the Summer Show. I will bring Cody and Keks, but I will only show her in western pleasure to get to know her better. Anna is starting her in trail, but we will take it slow, so I don’t know when she will do her first trail class.

TSL: Do you have any role models in the AQHA industry?

EF: I would not call it role models, because I think everyone should make his own way, but there are, of course several trainers that have taught me a lot: Anna, of course, Robin Frid, Jenny Jordan, Karin Prevedel, Andy Schmidt and many more. I always try to get better and take something back home from each clinic that fits me and my horse.

TSL: If you were able to try out one new event, which one would it be?

EF: I’ve always wanted to do a rail class. It’s fascinating how easy western pleasure looks although it requires a lot of training!

Elisa and Cody
Elisa and Cody

TSL: What does it feel like to be a newcomer at the AQHA show circuit?

EF: I have to admit that it was really easy for me. I was – of course – impressed by the shows in Aachen and Kreuth, but there are some great people in my team who have become real friends. I could rely on them from the start and they always had some good advice. Through their help I was able to enjoy this unique atmosphere at the shows and have fun no matter what’s written on the scoresheet in the end.

TSL: Is there some advice you could give novice riders?

EF: Everyone should decide on its own how you like to enjoy this passion we all share. Once you have found the right trainer and true friends you should just cherish every moment and gain as much experience as you can!

TSL: One final question – you have purchased a weanling from David Maisonnette last year. Lopin On The Front Page aka Whitney is now living at your place. Do you train her for any events or how do you spend time together?

EF: Yes, I brought her home last year in October. She is by Lazy Loper out of Page N Machine. We do not ‚train‘ her at all – she is allowed to be a baby, living together with other youngsters and enjoying her childhood. I take her out for walks and to groom her, but that’s it! Since she is quite tall, I want to give her some time to grow properly and then I will decide spontaneously whether I’ll show her in halter. I’m not a fan of lungeing them at an early age, I want to treat her joints with care.

Thank you very much, Elisa!


The youngest member of Elisa’s line-up: Lopin On The Front Page aka Whitney, bred by David Maisonnette

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