Rockin My Lazy

A few weeks ago a new stallion entered the European breeding market. Rockin My Lazy is a black 2013 APHA/AQHA stallion proudly owned by Jeanette Svenneskog from Sweden.

We were able to ask her some questions aboout this promising stallion and her plans for the future.



TheShowLife (TSL): You were showing at several shows in Europe with your AQHA mare Famous Chip, how did you get in touch with the world of western riding?

Jeanette Svenneskog (JS): Horses have always been big part of my life. I started as a very young child riding on Shetland Ponies. In my town there is a place where children can come and take care of ponies and are allowed to ride for free. I went there every day after school. I was twelve years old when I got a pony of my own. Manolito was a crossbreed Arab/Welsh. I had him for ten years and we competed very successfully in dressage, jumping and especially cross country. We were a part of the Swedish International Team for a couple of years. When Manolito passed away I took a break from competing. I just had some horses for recreational riding.  Eventually my husband and I started breeding and showing Shetland Ponies. I guess, I went back to my roots. Shetland Ponies are still a part of my life as we have our first stallion Capone Fire RS 252 in the barn. He is now 28 years old. It was because of the Shetland Ponies I was introduced to Quarter Horses. I was searching for a nice calm horse that could take me back into more serious competition. Another Shetland breeder and friend of ours had a Quarter Horse mare, which had been shown by his daughter. He also had two fillies out of that mare. I ended up buying all three of them. I didn’t want to separate that trio. That was the start of everything. One thing led to another and I was fortunate enough to meet kind and supportive people from whom I learned a lot from along the way.  I am still learning. It still feels like I’m a novice in this industry. The term “western riding” is so broad and encompasses a wide range of riding styles and horses. Quarter horses can offer something for everyone.

TSL: Your not only showing in Europe but also in the US with your stallion Rockin My Lazy. Can you tell us something about him and how you two met each other ?

JS: I bought Rockin My Lazy, aka Roscoe, in February 2016. I found him when I was surfing around on the internet. I was not looking for a horse to buy, just browsing. I remember I was lying on the sofa when I came across a photo of him. And it was love at first sight. I could not get him out of my head. Roscoe was bred by Reisinger Farms in Iowa. He was born in 2013 and is by Lazy Loper. He is out of a World Champion mare: Color My Rockies. When my husband and I bought Roscoe, we decided that we wanted him to stay and continue his training with Erik and Raina Parsons who were managing Reisinger’s at the time. Erik and Raina have been extremely supportive and we quickly decided that we should aim for a couple of big shows in 2016. We chose PtHA World Show and APHA World Show. Erik showed at Ptha World in the Open classes Western Pleasure and Ideal Pinto Western and I came along to APHA World and Roscoe was shown in both Open and Amateur SPB Western Pleasure. We ended up with three World Champion titles and one Reserve World Champion title, all in his first year of showing. We are very happy with how he is developing as a stallion and show horse. Roscoe is a fantastic horse, he has a very gentle personality. He is kind and quiet and adorable in every way. And, of course, he is very handsome, too. It’s hard not to fall in love with him. The first time I went over to meet him, I told myself not to bond with him, in case I ever decided to sell him, I did not want to be too attached. That lasted about two minutes! He is so charming, it only took a few short moments to win me over.

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picture: Jeff Kirkbride


TSL: As you said he is bred and trained by Reisinger Farms, what are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue showing or do you want to focus on breeding this year? Is he going to stay in the  US or are you going to take him home to Europe?

JS: The future is bright for Roscoe. He has spent the last couple months at a breeding facility in Oklahoma to collect and freeze semen for export. He is now available for breeding with frozen semen both in Europe and in the USA. David Maisonnette in France is the agent for Europe and Raina Parsons is the agent for the US. 2017 is his first year of breeding and we look forward to the traits he will pass on to the next generation. European born babies in 2018 will be eligible for the DQHA futurity program. We have decided that he will stay in the US for another show season and the plan is to bring him to Sweden sometime during late 2017. Roscoe’s health and wellness has always been a top priority for us and by putting him first he has really stepped up and proven his worth as a pleasure horse. For that I am grateful to him and he will never want for anything.


Thank you for the interview, Jeanette, and good luck for the future!

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picture: Larry Williams

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