To Braid or to Let Braid?

It is a task for people with patience and skilled fingers, for those who do not need sleep at shows and those who have a certain sense of perfectionism. This job involves broken fingernails, sticky sprays and tons of hairspray. Yes, you’ve guessed right, we are talking about banding and braiding. For everyone who hates this as much as I do – no worry, we got you covered! You can find the industry’s best people and the shows they will attend below:


Picture: Sandra Görtz


Sandra Görtz (banding & braiding)

BSC (18.04.-23.04.)

Q17 (28.09 – 8.10.)

DQHA Futurity South (24.08.-27.08. limited booking only)

…more to come



Sophie Gotthold (banding & braiding)

Bavarian Championship

Summer Show

European Championship

DQHA Futurity South


Contact Sophie Gotthold via Facebook.


Laura Weber (banding only)

Bavarian Championship

Summer Show

European Championship

European Team Cup

DQHA Futurity South

DQHA Futurity Mitte

Contact Laura Weber via Facebook.


Anna Long (banding & braiding)

No dates available yet. Contact Anna Long via Facebook for more detailed information throughout the year.


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